You deserve the best pilots

Recruiting them however, can be expensive, time consuming, and requires resources. Enter, SelectMyTalent.

It's in our DNA

Assessing Pilot talent is what we do. We are experienced. We are qualified. We are compliant. We are effective

Fixed Fee

We offer a fixed fee model. Only pay for successful placements. Giving you complete control on costs and significant savings

Save Time​

All Pilots are pre-screened and assessed ahead of time, ready to start employment now. We evaluate all our Pilots against a best-in-class assessment process to ensure they meet our standard for acceptance into our talent pool.

Save Resources

Keep your Pilots and crew flying the line. Stay focussed on your primary purpose, flying aircraft. We have current, experienced and qualified assessors. They can’t fly your planes, but they do a great job at finding the people who can!

Retain Control

We assess, select and recommend. You decide!

About Us

SMT was established to address the challenges faced by Operators when recruiting Pilots. Having managed and administered recruitment campaigns for various AOCs (airline, helicopter, executive jet) aswell as ATO assessments we understand the frustrations and concerns. 

We attract the best talent

From social media marketing to advanced search strategies, we find talent that our competitors can’t. Our Pilots are motivated, passionate and resilient. They have committed to a process that allows them to stand out from the crowd. They are confident, competent and capable. You want the best talent. We have it!

We have expertise

Our team of assessors are highly skilled, experienced and qualified. We work in partnership with one of the UK’s leading clinical psychologists and accredited aviation psychologists to oversee our processes and ensure regulatory compliance Assessors at SelectMyTalent are trained and qualified Test Users in Occupational Personality and are registered and verified by the British Psychological Society. Simulator Assessors are TRIs/SFIs with vast observation, analysis and training experience

Powered by Technology

Revolutionary ATS/CRM

Recruitment is simple when you’ve got a system that works with you rather than against you. Built by recruiters, for recruiters, SMT’s applicant tracking system brings all of your Pilots, hiring managers, recruiters into one easy-to-use network. No more laborious admin, no more data entry. Real time view with customisable analytics. This really is a cutting-edge collaborative system that allows you to focus on the important stuff, hiring.

Pilot Aptitude & Psychological Assessment

Our testing and assessment suite is the leading global standard in identifying the best pilots. We provide bespoke aviation solutions in line with latest industry recommendations and compliant with UK and EASA regulations. Outcome – risk mitigation and enhanced safety.

Our Process

Our process has been specifically designed to be comprehensive, meet all of the regulatory requirements, whilst simultaneously addressing the IATA Core Competencies the Operators recruit against. You will experience a Best-In-Class experience with our Team supporting you every step of the way, from initial registration through to employment.

1.Book initial appointment

Find out more, gather information, let us understand how we can support you

2. Job Analysis & Cultural Survey

We spend our time getting to understand your specific operational culture, environment, your requirements and target groups so we identify only the most relevant Pilots for you.

3. Job Advertisement (if required)

All Pilots are pre-screened and assessed ahead of time, ready to start employment now. We evaluate all our Pilots against a best-in-class assessment process to ensure they meet our standard for acceptance into our talent pool.

4. SMT Selection Board

Having screened, assessed and spent significant time with the Pilots we run a review based on a combination of cultural fit and what psychologists call a ‘regression analysis’. Ultimately this produces a differentiated profile for the candidates we determine are the best fit.

5. We Recommend. You Decide!

Hiring decisions are yours. We present the complete Pilot report to the decision-makers. All supporting information remains available within the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for clients to further explore our recommendation.

6. Review. Let’s work even better!

The campaign is complete. You have the employees and can see their performance. We have the data including advertising impact, applicant data, applicant success rate. It’s time to ask, ‘Can we be better next time?’ SMT will arrange follow up reviews to understand exactly how the process worked for you, gather feedback and make the changes necessary to drive improvement in everything we do. This is a partnership. It will develop and grow. The Just Culture our industry thrives on is based on an “Open Loop” where new findings can be brought in, our business is identical.

Our commitment to compliance

We leave no stone unturned when it come to compliance. From regulatory compliance to data privacy and GDPR, you can rest safe in the knowledge that when you engage with us, you are engaging with experts.

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