You deserve to be flying...

We know you want to get back into the air as quickly as possible, flying is your passion and matching Pilots to Operators is ours.

We have two routes to employment!


Spot an advertised vacancy, apply, and if shortlisted complete the selection process.


Invest in your future success. Don’t wait for jobs to appear. Complete our comprehensive assessment process now.

Note: We never profit from pilots. Individuals are asked to cover the cost of the assessment which offers maximum value. The price you pay is exactly what it costs to run.

Our Process

Gate 1 - Initial Registration

Take 2 minutes to register with us and upload your CV and supporting documents (licence, medical, logbook history, passport, driving licence and training files). These will automatically populate in our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which we share (when complete) with the Operators.

  • A One-off quick and seamless registration process
  • A free tried and tested CV template
  • A comprehensive 70-page assessment guide
  • Access to constantly updated industry content.


  • CV Template
  • Assessment Guide
  • Industry content

Gate 2 - Video Interview & Aptitude Test

At your convenience show us your raw skills through our online aptitude assessment and video interview.

  • Completed from home
  • Instant feedback on your performance
  • Access to full library of content in our Engagement Lounge


  • Industry-leading online aptitude assessment
  • Video interview
  • Performance debrief
  • Exclusive content
  • Membership to Engagement Lounge and the SelectMyTalent community

Gate 3 - Assessment Day Booking

Following the SelectMyTalent Assessment Team’s review of your raw skills, you will be invited to book your space on one of our assessment days. This full-day process is held at our Gatwick Assessment Centre and involves a psychometric assessment, 1-1 interview, group assessment and a simulator assessment.

  • One comprehensive, affordable assessment day leading to multiple opportunities
  • Saving you time and money!
  • Full debrief and developmental feedback.


  • One-to-one Interview
  • Team assessment
  • Simulator assessment
  • Psychometric evaluation
  • Comprehensive debrief and developmental feedback

Gate 4 – Talent Pool Acceptance

Congratulations! You’re in the Talent Pool. Let our Placement Team actively promote you to our Operator partners to navigate your career opportunities. Use the Engagement Lounge to remain close with the industry and stay abreast of developments.

Our team of recruiters actively champion you to multiple opportunities based on your situation. You sit back and let us do the work!


Gate 5 – Placement!

A final congratulations from the SelectMyTalent team as you are successful with your Operator and commence employment.


We are pleased to offer as many opportunities to our pilots as possible. Therefore we will be showing available vacancies as they were at the time of upload for our pilots to review and consider. Some of these vacancies will be worked on by our Placement Team, while others may not. Please contact us for clarification if there is any doubt.

Be part of our exclusive community

The SelectMyTalent pilot community is not only a place for you to learn and develop but a place for you to connect with peers and network.

About Us

SelectMyTalent was established to address a challenge we have all experienced as professional aviators, the full-time job it becomes, looking for a job. We are Pilots ourselves and have gone through redundancy, attended assessment days and know exactly what it feels like. Our objective is to streamline the assessment and recruitment process for both the pilots and the Operators by assessing you prior to sending your CV’s for consideration.

After you have signed up to the full assessment profile, you will gain access to the Engagement Lounge which offers a wide variety of industry updates, recruitment trends, technical papers and much more. Your engagement with aviation must not wain and this excellent area is a chance to connect with other professionals, where you can share, connect, comment and discuss relevant industry information.

Why Us

Because we will get you back in the air. There are alternative options, but none offer what SelectMyTalent does and although our claim is bold, we stand by it! We also do not profit from candidates attending our assessments, so our cost structure is completely transparent and fair. As pilots ourselves, we want our peers to be challenged by the early rises courtesy of the Roster, rather than finding a new job.

You will benefit from: 

  • A comprehensive portfolio of assessments that meets EASA and CAA regulations
  • Completing one assessment day and being championed to multiple Operators
  • Honest developmental feedback on your performance
  • Differentiating you from the competition
  • Saving you time and money
  • Engagement with other industry professionals

Only those Pilots meeting the required standard will be accepted into our talent pool. Put yourself in front of others seeking the same job as you by investing in the assessment and benefiting from the active role our team takes in promoting you to Operators. Our assessment days are run in specific sizes to ensure the highest quality experience and also strict adherence with COVID-19 legislative requirements.

Our commitment to compliance

We leave no stone unturned when it come to compliance. From regulatory compliance to data privacy and GDPR, you can rest safe in the knowledge that when you engage with us, you are engaging with experts.

Gate 1

Register with SelectMyTalent today to receive your free CV template and comprehensive Assessment Guide, priced online at £40
  • CV Template
  • Assessment Guide
  • Industry Content

Gate 2

Demonstrate your raw skills on our online aptitude and video assessment platform. You complete these from the comfort of your own home and receive a full debrief, including electronic report.
  • Industry Leading Online Aptitude Assessment
  • Video Interview
  • Performance Debrief
  • Exclusive Content
  • Membership to Engagement Lounge and SelectMyTalent Community

Gate 3

Held at our Gatwick Assessment Centre, this 1 day assessment includes:1-1 interview, group exercise, simulator assessment, psychometric evaluation, detailed feedback and a Q&A session.
  • Interview
  • Team Assessment
  • Simulator Assessment
  • Psychometric Evaluation
  • Comprehensive Debrief with Developmental Feedback

Let's Talk!

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