The Airline Business – An Introduction

To be an effective commercial pilot, it is important that you have an understanding for the economic and business environment in which you operate. Though this report is focused on airlines, look out for Executive Jet and Helicopter Operation versions that are yet to be released. The Airline Industry is HUGE! Airlines have annual revenues […]

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Problem Solving and Decision Making

As human beings, we make thousands of decisions every day. Yes, thousands and for pilots, it’s even more. But, why is it different for pilots? And, why is it more important that we understand the fundamentals of decision making as well as having the tools to deliver effective and efficient problem-solving solutions? We have all […]

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Approach Bans and Go-Around vs Discontinued Approach

“Can you explain the Approach Ban philosophy?” or “when can you conduct a Discontinued approach?” are interview questions I have faced multiple times. It is important to have a clear understanding for when you can, and cannot continue an approach and what options you have for the missed approach.  Commencement of the Approach  Before commencing […]

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Personality Tests – Psychological Assessment

Some airlines have always used personality profile questionnaires. Most haven’t. However, there have been recent developments in regulation which means this testing will be required of all candidates prior to commencing flying duties with an Operator. If interested in the regulation refer to UK CAP1938 and EASA CAT.GEN.MPA.175 mandating a Psychological Assessment.  SMT works in […]

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